Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Am What I Am

It's been a while since I have made a post, so I thought the next post I make should be this one. Certain people have long tried to rob me of credit for every little silly (and not-so-silly) idea I have come up with, because I had a couple of difficult years in the mid-80s and mid-90s, during which I experienced writer's block. Therefore, so this person's thinking goes, I could not possibly have written good things at other points in my life - it must have been someone else, inexplicably using my extremely common Anglo-Saxon name (why not simply call oneself "Mary Smith" and be done with it?) as a nom de plume.

Thus, I take this opportunity to clear up any rumors or misunderstandings that some in their madness or busybody-hood might be spreading about me. Let's see. I have actually written, from my own thoughts and in my own words (except where appropriately cited), in its entirety, every item I have ever submitted or published anywhere under my byline. No one has ever used my screennames (including Nachtigall, Tyrrath, Bloghilde, and several others) to write a single word, as far as I am aware (though it is always possible I will find out I have been hacked at some point). No one else has ever logged on any of my screennames or email accounts with either my knowledge or my permission - in other words, IT'S ALWAYS ME unless illegal activity unbeknownst to me has occurred.

While we are clearing up rumors, I have never taken recreational drugs; I am not addicted to any substance;  I am neither a tramp nor an ascetic; I was born fully, 100 percent a biological female and am still so; I am not mentally ill; I harbor no hatred toward any group in society; I am even-tempered and a good friend and colleague; I am not autistic, and I do not have Down Syndrome or any other mental handicap; I have never sent a lookalike colleague to do rehearsals or performances for me, presumably splitting the fee, though I'll admit it's tempting; I am not secretly a soubrette; I do not require a microphone to be heard in opera houses large or small; I have never weighed in excess of 300 lbs; I have never knowingly had a relationship with a married man; I am attracted ONLY to adult biological human males, though I embrace with love and respect those in the LGBTQ community; I have never known or had any relationship with any criminal of any kind; I have never stalked anyone, though I have certainly been on the receiving end; and I HAVE NEVER BEEN ACTIVELY INTERESTED IN NOR HAVE HAD ANY RELATIONSHIP, OPEN OR CLANDESTINE, WITH ANY 80s POP STARS!
HAHA, yes - I knew you'd be entertained! I do have a good reason for posting this however, as just about anyone who knows me is aware.  Anyone who can come up with any MORE possible (or fanciful) rumors about me, please feel free to email me!


  1. You are wonderful Jennifer, stay as you are ! I'm happy to hear that you are 100 % female (born) ;), has anyone really doubtet that ?? Lots of love from Berlin, Klaus

  2. I can vouch for most of the above, especially "good friend and colleague" and "do not require a microphone" :)