Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Schedule for Spring 2013

Gentle readers, it has come to my attention that Operabase does not have any of my future engagements posted, so it looks as if I don't have any! Heaven forfend! Plus, I have forgotten how to update my hastily assembled 2010 website, which has not been updated since then (I plan to make that a priority very soon!)

So here, then, are my dates through July, at this writing:

Saturday 16 March - Senta in Der Fliegende Hollaender with The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Andris Nelsons, conductor.

Friday 19 April - Sunday 28 April (exact dates not announced) - Senta in Der Fliegende Hollaender at the Teatro San Carlo in Napoli, Italia, Stefan Anton Reck, conductor and Jannis Kokkos, production.

Sunday 7 July, Wednesday 10 July, and Saturday 13 July - Irene in Rienzi with the Von Leipzig Nach Bayreuth Festspiele, Christian Thielemann, conductor and Matthias von Stegmann, production.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Notice about "On Paper: Playing Post Office"

It has been some months since I have made a post here, and I have not abandoned this blog. It has been a busy and challenging winter for me, what with a lingering respiratory infection and with the excellent problem of lots of work! I do hope to get back to regular postings soon.

This post, however, constitutes an official notice that I will be rescinding my Creative Commons license for my one-act libretto, On Paper: Playing Post Office, effective March 1, 2013. At that time, the work will revert to traditional, all-rights-reserved copyright.

The Creative Commons license for Playing Post Office was initially applied because it was an entry into the English National Opera's Mini-Operas competition, which required submissions to be listed as Creative Commons In-Kind licensees. That competition still has a link for Playing Post Office on its site, but the competition has finished, the winner has been chosen (my piece did not even make the finals of the libretto competition), and I believe that anyone wishing to create a further artistic work using it would have notified me by now.

I will, however, give anyone out there who wishes to use the work under the CC In-Kind license three weeks, until March 1, to notify me at my email address of their effort and preferably to send a copy of that work as an attachment.