Monday, October 29, 2012

'Cane Pain

OK, so far, for the first time in decades, my feverish storm preparations have NOT been for nought! I am now glad I bought:

1) a large/long pruning shear, to clip branches of the trees that might endanger the power line into my house (there is still one I'm worried about, but I can't reach it without standing on something. ).

2) Gorton's Fisherman Rain Wear from Home Depot, for standing out in the cold, blowing rain cutting branches.

3) 4 new battery operated tube lights.

4) 4 30-packs of batteries.

5) new, electric-blue-and-black blanket for Teddy, which I hope he is still wearing. The other horses found him quite the fashion plate after I put it on him yesterday, and he was definitely not loving the attention.

6) an anti-fungal rain-rot prevention spray which I applied liberally before blanketing The Ted.

7) groceries, tp, etc., because who the heck wants to sit in a drive thru or run out to Walgreen's in this?

Things I bought that I am glad to have but that I have not yet needed:

1) Enough bottled water to supply the cast and chorus of War and Peace for a year. Yeah, what's not to love?!

2) a neat little hand-crank/solar radio/flashlight/alarm with a USB port (!) for charging a cell phone!

3) A fireplace screen, which I have needed since I moved into this house in 2008. Wal Mart had the same ones on sale for $5.00 that Home Depot was offering for $40.

4) A tarp. I'm planning to do some painting soon, after all.

5) a cord of wood and an anti-creosote log.

As I write this, we here in Manassas, VA are experiencing the 30-mph sustained winds and 40-mph gusts that were forecast. Mea culpa to Bob Ryan! Y'all to the north - take care.

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