Monday, January 23, 2012

A Modest Proposal/Get Rich Quick Scheme

(This facetious piece was originally written as an assignment for my Public Relations and Promotional Writing class at Ashford. As part of my work for the Capstone course, I will be posting a sampling of my work from past classes as part of my blog. Nevertheless, I think this product could take the world by storm and make millions. I am eager to hear your opinions.)

Communications Director
Acme Textiles
1800 Coyote LN, Suite #1415
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 555-1212 (Office)
(213) 555-1213 (Fax)
For Immediate Release

A Breakthrough in Fashion Protection

Los Angeles, July 19, 2010 - Since the dawn of haute couture, fashionistas have coped with the trauma of losing expensive garments to spills, drips and dribbles. Now, a new product from Acme Textiles promises to eliminate the embarrassment and expense of ruined clothing. FashionPro is a designer scarf with a difference: Exquisitely styled, its feather-light fabric is fluid-resistant, stainproof, and wrinkle-free. FashionPro gives the style-conscious woman peace of mind. 
FashionPro is the work of Acme’s team of top designers and textile experts, who created a scientifically advanced garment engineered to protect the parts of a woman’s clothing that she is normally unable to shield. Even the most glamorous evening gown loses its impact when marred by a neckline gravy stain, and red wine spill can place even the most elegant socialite on the Worst Dressed list.   Babies have bibs to catch spills – but their mothers must either eat and drink so cautiously that they avoid all mealtime mishaps, or they must suffer the silent shame of a spilled splotch on their favorite white blouse.  Most women would not be caught tying a napkin around their neck to protect themselves from spills; FashionPro gives them another, more stylish option.

FashionPro’s fabric is a silky poly, available in a variety of beautiful patterns and colors. By exclusive agreement with 3M Corporation, each FashionPro scarf is fully protected with ScotchGuard ™ for stain resistance, and is lined with a whisper-thin layer of waterproof fabric. FashionPro fastens at the neck with Velcro, or if the wearer prefers, it can be tied in dozens of versatile ways. After dinner, it can twist into myriad high-fashion looks, or it can slip discreetly into its special purse pouch. 

On Sunday afternoon, historic Bent Willow Plantation served as the backdrop for a special kind of fashion show. Area models wearing gowns by Valentino, Narciso Rodriguez, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang strutted their stuff on the runway as their muscular male counterparts, stationed along the models’ route, poured claret wine into the women’s cleavage from small, crystal vials. As the models reached the tip of the runway, they whipped off their FashionPro scarves to reveal the pristine, undamaged garments beneath.  The demonstration displayed the effectiveness of FashionPro at preventing stains.

Model Chase Ruxpin declared, “I’m amazed that the FashionPro scarves can do this! Where can I get one?”


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